January 1998
(First days of Haugesund Today)
Haugesund today
The intention of this page is to distribute a fresh snapshot from Haugesund, normally on a daily basis. Haugesund town has no automatic web-camera, but Eirik Hustvedt carry his digital camera with him when driving around visiting customers all around Haugalandet.  This page is part of Eirik Hustvedt's theme-pages: Church organs in Haugesund. At the bottom of the page, you'll find links to other Haugesund-pages and information-sites.

Anything you want to see?
Send Eirik Hustvedt an email with your picturewishes, and he will do his best to take your picture from the Haugesund-area!

Last snapshots from Haugesund
January 16th 1998 at 1245 pm

On the market in front of the Haugesund City-hall.

January 15th 1998 at 1235 pm

High tide in Smedasundet.

January 14th. 1998 at 1330 pm

Its a wet january this year, and hot. too. Midday temp is 8 degrees centigrade.

I passed through the main street Haraldsgaten, and took this picture on my way.

January 13th 1998 at 1430 pm

First issue!

Smedasundet with Kortaneset and Umoe Haugesund, the former shipyard, now leading in offshore industry (oil / natural gas related). The Visund-platform is the largest industrial project ever in Haugesund, towering 150m. in the background.


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