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No. 736  Man / Mon July 17,  2000 
Visiting her home town
and: a town hall visit

June and Ed Cullen
English only today
Today we will visit the town hall again. But before that, just a few words about why June (picture above) and her husband Ed are in Haugesund.

Close to 50% of the visitors of this site are Norwegian Americans. Many of you email me and our guestbook, searching for relatives. June knew her family, as her mother is born in Haugesund. Before moving to America, her mother actually lived in the former Ola Flytt-house on Risøy. June and her husband are here for the 3. time, and spend 3 weeks visiting the town and district she has been able to become more familiar with through this site.

Town hall visit
Today they wanted to visit the beautiful Haugesund city hall. (Archive picture). I invited myself to follow them, and here are some impressions:

At the moment, the town council hall was reorganized to be used for a wedding ceremony (we may apply the community administration to use it). Here our guide for the day, Elisabet Kristiansen, told us the story of the building (ready for use in 1931) and the wall paintings by the artist Alf Rolfsen, who also has decorated the city hall of Oslo. We passed on to the corridors and stairways, before entering the room  (another picture) where the executive committee of local council hold their meetings. The woven wall pictures here are made by Elsa Halling.

The town hall of Haugesund was made possible because of a one million NOK donation by the local shipowner Knut Knutsen OAS (the son of Ole Andreas) in 1921. Later on, his widow Elisabeth gave more money, to make the town hall square and park possible. These important parts of the town image were finished in 1949.

The town hall area is frequently shown on this site. Here are some recent archived issues:

Todays pictures at shott at app. 1-2PM

Tilbakeblikk / 1. year ago

Dagens Haugesunds Avis på nettet
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July 17: Fog clouds - making it a grey, but fine, cool day.
July 15: Summer - light northern wind
July 13: Fine day - not warm enough because of wind - but so far (3.45PM) sunny!
July 12: Low clouds - some rain - and a lot of wind. (lot of fresh air)
July 11: Changing - some showers - even some sun - better in the evening
July 10: Overcast - some light rain, 13C. Beautiful sunset
July 05: Overcast - grey - just as if the rain is about to come, without coming!
July 04: Another fine day - partly overcast - north - western wind
July 03: Fine day - scattered clouds -some northern wind
July 02: Warm, fine day, but mostly overcast. Som rain drops before noon.
July 01: Ocercast - light rain in between - warm
June 30: Overcast - light showers until 3PM - forecast is: better in the evening
June 29: Fine, summer day. No wind - warm and sunny
June 28: A light shower in the morning, later overcast, some sun + strong wind
June 27: Until 10AM: Blue sky, some clouds pass by - strong breeze.
June 26: Scattered clouds, northern wind
June 25: Northern wind - scattered clouds - that means: a lot of sun 
June 24: Overcast, some showers.
June 23: Heavy rain, 15-20C
June 07: Changing sun and overcast, even a shower or two.
June 03: Showers in the morning, later on  a fine day, but with some wind
June 02: Overcast, some showers, and cold north west wind.
June 01: Rouch wind and shoower. Indoor day
May 29: Wind, overcast with some glimpses of sun
May 26-28: Bad weather, heavy rain, east, later south west wind. The summer is gone (for a while)
May 24: Scattered clouds - sun parts of the day.
May 22: Blue sky, but wind cooling from north, afternoon overcast
May 21: Sunny, but with cold northern wind
May 20: Scattered clouds, fine on Utsira, some wind
May 19: Heavy clouds - with blue sky "dots" and glimpses of sun. Showers.
May 18: Scattered clouds - showers in the evening
May 17: Strong wind from south, a shower at app 11AM. Overcast. Heavy showers in the afternoon.
May 16: Fine day, but heavy rain and thunderstorms in the evening
May 15: The good weather ends tonight ( forecast for the rest of the week is rain) 
May 14: Another summer day 
May 13: Marvellous day
May 12: Another beautiful day. Less wind than yesterday. Barbeque day!!
May 11: Fine day, but with a cooling strong breeze from north.
May 10: Fog in the morning, later fine, with thin layer of clouds - and northern breeze
May 9: Exellent, light wind
May 8: Exellent
May 7: Exellent
May 4: Another summer day in May
May 3: Fine day, northern wind
May 2: Rain, fog
May 1: Slightly colder, some rain

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