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The Hemne fjord on a quiet july morning, 1999

Kyrksæterøra is the central part of Hemne community, in the south-western part of South Trøndelag county. Fjordway, based in the Haugalandet district in Rogaland,  visited this part of Norway to present another part of Fjord Norway. App. 6000 citizens do a lot of effort to make this place on earth a good place to live and work. And succeeding! We visited Kyrksæterøra on the yearly market day called "Øra martnan 99".  People from the whole area made this a busy and happy day on Øra.

What most people in Norway know about Kyrksæterøra, is the name of 2 cross country skiers, Ove and Berit Aunli. In the 70's and 80's they brought a lot of honour to Norway and their home communities, Selbu and Kyrksæterøra, with both olympic and world championship medals.

When presenting itself, Hemne tell potential tourists about "hills and mountains, fjords and idyllic rocky coast".  Is'nt that Norway in a nutshell? Only one and a half hour drive from Trondheim, with high standard roads, Hemne is easy accessible, with modern Hotels, friendly shopping areas, and waste of space for mountain hikes, fishing both in sea and lakes, or just experiencing nature.

 Some Kyrksæterøra sceneries

From Øragata
The local bakery

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The Kyrksæterøra pictures are shot july 30. 1999

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