The Åkra fjord
Issue 2/  july 1999

The Åkra fjord
When driving to or from Haugalandet from eastern Norway, you meet the Åkra fjord, nearly 30 km long, streching from Kyrping to Fjæra in Etne community in Hordaland. The locals and former visitors know the narrow road in the steep mountain side along this fjord as a scaring  experience. But this is about to come to an end. For some years no, a new and modern road has been under construction, beeing finished next year. May be this will give the visitors in this spectacular part of fjord Norway the possibility to enjoy the impressions? 

Fjordway made a planned photo tour, and started from Haugesund, 70 km west of this fjord, in overcast weather conditions. But when arriving Stordalen, just east of Etne and the outskirt of the fjord, something happened. The sun was fighting its way through the clouds

New road soon completed
When arriving Kyrping, the most south western point of the fjord, only a slim belt of clouds was left. This is where the narrow road starts, but this part will soon be eliminated by another new tunnel. Meeting a bus, a large truck or an unexperienced driver of a motor home could be a daring experience, but not anymore. The new, modern road is soon completed.

Like waterfalls?  Falling a total of 612 m, Langfoss is one of the highest waterfalls in Norway, starting high in the mountain making the fjord area even more beautiful. Parking and resting facilities make this a popular place to take a break. 

Goats in the road
Small farms are numerous along the fjord. And their goats may suddenly be in the middle of the road. Watch out for them, even on the new part of the road!

The Fjord tour will continue in some days....

The Åkrafjord pictures are shot july 28. 1999



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Visiting Galdhøpiggen at 2.469 m
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Presented by Eirik Hustvedt (c) during summer holiday 1999

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